Riot has created a special winter event “New Year’s Fluft” for LoL. The problem is that it’s not for the LoL you think of

Riot has changed its strategy, resulting in a complete absence of a winter event. Interestingly, however, “New Year’s Fluft” was created and is doing well.

As we read in the official description of the event:

As the first full calendar year of League of Legends: Wild Rift draws to a close, we can think of no better way to thank you than with a whole fluft of well-wishing poros! Read on to see what kinds of rewards you can get from the Wild Rift New Year’s Fluft event.

Yes, there is a winter event in Wild Rift that allows you to complete various missions, receive rewards, etc.

And nothing in LoL for PC

On the one hand, you can see that Riot understands that winter and Christmas is a good time to organize events, on the other hand, nothing has appeared in LoL itself. It’s hard to understand, but as the developers said, cosmetic items were not very popular during this winter period. Therefore, they were abandoned.

However, let us remind you that nothing specific has been added to the Wild Rift as well. Three winter skins have been moved, now there are missions that, in addition to coins and experience points, also give an emote.

The event itself is not groundbreaking, does not introduce a lot of skins, does not change the map. It is simply an add-on for players who will be playing from December 25 to January 3. The question is why it was not possible to organize something like this in LoL on PC?