Why are LoL players predicting a Void event in 2022?

The LoL community says Riot will be covering the topic of Void in the coming year.

The void brought to life with the beginning of the universe is an expression of impenetrable nothingness that lies within. It is the power of unsatisfied hunger – such a description of the Void can stimulate the imagination. The Void is an important part of Runeterra and League of Legends itself.

There are a lot of heroes in the game today who come directly from or are closely related to the Void. Virtually everyone knows Cho’Gath, Kog’Maw, Rek’Sai, or Vel’Koz. Characters such as Kai’Sa, Kassadin, and Malzahar are also associated with this mysterious place, even though they are not monsters.

Void is a really interesting location and it’s safe to say that it gives a lot of possibilities for story events. The void is dark and still not much is known about it, just as the mystery is what all cults of this terrifying and untamed force really are.

Many players have watched the latest announcements, stories, and events related to LoL and have come to the conclusion that in 2022 there will most likely be an event related to the Void.

An event with the Void in the lead role

According to Void fans, there is at least a few evidence that there will be an event related to this place. The first references to this appeared during the Arcane event. Some people noticed that in the video promoting the event related to the animated series, the heroes known from the screen fought against champions related to the Void. For some, it was a coincidence, for others an obvious reference, because in their opinion it was unlikely that for so many heroes, Riot chose themselves associated with Void.

Fans noted that according to the champion roster – no new Void character has come to Summoner’s Rift since 2014 (Kai’Sa is not included in this case because she is a Void human, not born in it). For some, this is an argument for Riot to eventually release some Void character, especially as requests for it have been coming up for several years.

Another big hint that the creators are planning something related to Void was the story of Malzahar. Some fans were looking for a preview of a new hero in it, others said it was a foretaste of the event coming in 2022.

Among Cho’Gath’s mains there has been a lot of talks lately about this champion’s rework. Fans believe that he will be refreshed right after Udyr. According to them, it would be the perfect opportunity for a Void event, the main character of which would be Cho’Gath. On subreddits or Discord servers related to the characters from the Void, you can read many theories why it is the hero from Void who will most likely get VGU in 2022.

As you can see, there are quite a few tips about the upcoming event. Fans are looking for many more references, although some of them can be considered far-fetched. On the other hand, Riot sometimes sneaked in information about new products in a really unusual way. Don’t forget that Arcane was first mentioned in the True Damage music video, and this is just one example of an original approach to announcing something.