You won’t believe what Riot has done for the winter. At the same time, players have over a dozen new skins

Typical winter events have already appeared in many different games. Riot, however, has a different idea, but not entirely either.

There are many articles about players who have converted the Summoner’s Rift to its winter version. Many people use it, but as you may know – it’s not 100% safe. That is why many players are sure that Riot has made a step towards winter content.

What have the developers managed to achieve? Riot’s operation was limited to… transferring 3 skins from LoL to Wild Rift. Seriously. At the moment, it looks like that is all.


What did the players do in the meantime?

Riot ported three skins from PC to mobile devices, and players designed, made, and introduced over 20 different, completely new skins to the game. You can use them with the appropriate modifications.

It is risky, of course, but it shows well the difference between looking at skins sales statistics and simply your passion. Players get nothing for their skins, except community thanks. And there are quite a lot of these.

Many people decided to take the risk and use such skins. Why? Because they want to feel this typical winter atmosphere.