Big item changes: Shieldbow, Eclipse, Wit’s End and Force of Nature on PBE in LoL

Riot changes a few important items on the Test Server.

In the 2022 preseason, Riot Games has once again mixed up League of Legends a bit in terms of balance. All this is due to a few new items and changes to some old ones.

Now the test server has nerfs and buffs of the frequently selected mythical items: Shieldbow and Eclipse, as well as the legendaries: Wit’s End and Force of Nature. What will change in them?

Item changes

Several major and minor changes to four popular items have just arrived on PBE:

  • Shieldbow (nerf)
    • 55 AD >>> 50 AD
    • 300-800 shield >>> 275-650
  • ¬†Eclipse
    • 6s cooldown (melee) >>> 8s
  • Force of Nature (buff)
    • 5s duration >>> 7s
    • 20% Damage Reduction >>> 25%
  • Wit’s End
    • Component items:
      • Heartbound Axe + Negatron Cloak + Longsword >>> Heartbound Axe + Null-Magic Mantle + Pickaxe

Remember that this is still only a test server. The changes do not have to go to the official servers, and Riot may resign from them at any time.