What did Elon Musk write about Arcane, specifically Jinx, and caused drama in the LoL community?

Elon Musk’s tweet with Jinx from Arcane caused a lot of mixed emotions.

The premiere of Arcane is by far one of the biggest League-related events to happen this year. The animated series reached both LoL players and celebrities who, as a rule, are not associated with it.

Elon Musk on his Twitter account published two entries about the show featuring the characters of the game from Riot. Even though the tweet did not contain any words intended to elicit any reaction, it led to critical comments from Froskurinn and Macaiyla.

A quarrel between Froskurinn and Macaiyla

Froskurinn is also known as MGKurinn – a popular League of Legends personality who hosts the G4TV channel responded to Elon Musk’s post with the following words.

Macaiyla or C9 Caiyla – streamer and Tyler’s girlfriend1 referred to the above comment, criticizing its too deep interpretation.

I can’t believe I had to apologize to this woman before. What a f****** lunatic.

Nah, for real, if you actually took this sh** this deeply I’m blocking you.

Elon could just enjoy watching Arcane and like Jinx, as did many LoL players. Macaiyla was of the same opinion as she thought that some commenters over-interpret some things.

C9’s streamer’s last comment was a response to another Elon Musk tweet about Arcane. Macaiyla sarcastically criticized Elon Musk as Froskurinn had done before.

Elon is certainly not moved by the discussion that took place underneath his posts. Nevertheless, it can be seen that the people who ran it are not in the best relationship with each other.