A surprising interaction between Mordekaiser’s ult and Warwick’s Q in LoL

An interesting mechanic in LoL that allows you to counter Mordekaiser.

There are hundreds of skills in League of Legends, and many of them work differently depending on your opponent’s skills. Some of them are designed to avoid auto attacks, the other block only skills, and the third eliminate CCs.

However, there are hundreds of them in the game, and it’s sometimes hard to see what’s really working against what. This time the Mordekaiser, surprised by Warwick, found out about it.

Mordekaiser taken by surprise

Mordekaiser and Warwick are two characters that are not in their original state. They were given full rework due to the fact that they were pretty outdated. The first in the new version was released on June 12, 2019, and Vander Warwick on January 25, 2017.

Both champions have interesting skills, which were often number one in various plays, clips, or incomprehensible actions or bugs. Perhaps some people still remember situations in which Morde, after using his ult at the right moment, wiped the entire game from the history for all players.

Now, however, everyone was surprised by a slightly different action. Namely the interaction between the Ironwraith’s ult and “Q” of Zaun’s Uncaged Wrath. As everyone knows, Warwick’s “Q” allows him to bite his opponent or teleport to him. The latter option, however, casts a bit long, but it immunizes the hero against CCs.

Mordekaiser’s ult is a CC. So if Warwick uses his second “Q” at the right moment, he can surprise his opponent quite well and thus deprive him of his ultimate for a while.


Unfortunately, you need to have really good timing and predict your opponent. A good Mordekaiser player will usually wait after “Q” goes off because that lasts longer than “sucking” somebody into the zone.