Why in the pre-season 2022, ADCs from LoL are building AP items more and more often?

League of Legends shooters more and more often reach for items that give them ability power.

Currently, a preseason is taking place in LoL, i.e. a period in which the developers test various changes, introduce new items and add variety to the mechanics, and many players take a break from ranked games.

After the end of the 2021 season, there were quite a few significant changes to the title from Riot Games, including all-new dragon types that turned the meta upside down. Of course, these are not the only novelties, because the developers also decided to make various changes to items and runes.

Many fans of the game are not surprised that preseason is a period of modifying the meta and testing new builds. Players have a chance to check other ways of building their favorite heroes and as it turns out – more and more often they reach for AP items while playing as ADC. What is it all about?

Pre-season ADC builds

The role of shooters in League of Legends largely boils down to dealing a lot of damage in a short time (ADC – Attack Damage Carry) and thus leading your team to victory. Of course, the same can be said for assassins, but a big hallmark of ADCs is that they rely on physical damage and auto-attacks.

For this reason, many marksman focus on items that will provide them with high physical damage, attack speed, or a critical hit chance.

Pre-season in League of Legends, as mentioned earlier, is a period of many changes and novelties. The developers added new items to the game, including Crown of the Shattered Queen. This item gives the following stats:

As you can see at first glance, the new Mythic item is an AP item, so it is suitable for mages. It turns out, however, that it is a much-liked choice among some ADCs.

It will come as no surprise that some League of Legends’ marksmen use both AP and AD items. It is for them that choosing the Shattered Queen’s Crown can be a great decision.

The first example of such an ADC is Ezreal, who, thanks to the said Crown, becomes much stronger. According to the stats sites, the build that includes Crown of the Shattered Queen has an almost 56% win rate. This way of building this hero is becoming more and more popular and it is worth testing it in your games.

The second character to use the new item is Kai’Sa. Over the years, the heroine has had many different builds, which often used items for AP, so the fans are not particularly surprised by the new way of building. In her case, a build that includes the Crown of the Shattered Queen has almost a 60% win ratio.

The third champion on this list is Corki, a much less popular hero from LoL. In his case, building the Crown doesn’t give such results because, according to the statistics, this build only wins 48% of the games.

Other items come to the rescue, including the recently introduced Shadowflame. Unfortunately, using new items with Corki does not give as good results as with Kai’Sa and Ezreal, but it is worth testing new builds to find something suitable for you.

As you can see, the meta in League of Legends is constantly changing and players have no way to get bored with typical builds that would be used by every shooter.