Those champions were selected by Riot for the 2022 rework poll

Heroes who will take part in the rework poll.

As promised by League of Legends developers, there will also be a survey of upcoming rework this year. This was also done the previous year where Udyr won and should appear on the servers this year.

Now, in the announcement of the upcoming 2022 season, which will start tomorrow, the candidates for the next changes have been revealed. Who did Riot choose?

Rework Survey 2022

For some time now, Riot Games has been releasing polls that allow players to choose a new character for the rework. Three seasons ago, out of 5 characters, Volibear was selected, and its new version, released in 2020, is considered one of the best rework ever.

In 2021, Udyr won by the majority of votes, but its new version is not yet available on the official servers. It will probably come this year, one season after the poll, as it was with Volibear.

However, until now we did not know what characters will be there to choose from in the next poll. Now, in the trailer for the 2022 season, the artwork of characters likely to be featured in a future poll was shown. Who can we expect?

As we can see, apart from Skarner and Shyvana, Kog’Maw and Tryndamere were selected. On the other hand, Quinn, who won the fewest votes next year, was removed. Here’s what the preview video for the new season looks like: