A first look at Zeri’s skills directly in-game confirms the fears of LoL players

A video has been released featuring the newest League of Legends character – Zeri.

A few days ago, the creators of LoL decided to show the champion announced many months ago – a mysterious character from Zaun. It turned out that the new electricity shooter will be Zeri, a young girl with colored hair.

The in-game presentation confirms that the character is another “cute” heroine that has been heavily complained about. Riot again used the same character creation scheme.

It is worth recalling that players already laugh at new characters so much that they even make special bingo to bet on what skills Zeri will have.

Trailer of Zeri: The Spark of Zaun

A video showing the new heroine – Zeri has appeared on the official League of Legends profile on YouTube. Some fans probably already know it well, because it got quite loud about it.


It can be said that fans of games from Riot Games have been pampered recently, as the League of Legends community will get Zeri, and Valorant players recently found out that Neon would be added to the game. Many people have noticed that the heroines have a lot in common, and it’s not just about their looks.

Why are both characters so similar? Both Neon and Zeri are young girls who stand out with their bright colors. Additionally, they both have very similar hairstyles.

However, not everyone knows that it does not end there. Both heroines have the same voice actress. Neon and Zeri are voiced by a talented Filipino dubbing actress, Vanille Velasquez. Vanille confirmed the information on her Twitter account, writing that she was incredibly excited about working with Riot.

I am ecstatic to announce that I am also the voice of the newest League of Legends champion, Zeri!

 Thank you so so much, Riot. To voice in just one of your games is already a huge honor. To be in two is absolutely amazing. I cannot be more grateful.

Vanille Velasquez also noted that she hopes not to disappoint fans. The voice actress is glad that Riot trusted her.

Voicing Neon is important to Velasquez as the character, like her, comes from the Philippines. Zeri, on the other hand, is linked to the neighborhood of the fictional city of Piltover – Zaun.

Many players wondered if it is possible that the two characters are somehow related. Admittedly, it would not be the first such case. On the occasion of the RiotX Arcane browser game, Riot showed that some LoL heroes know the agents of Valorant.

Riot lead producer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles confirmed on the League subreddit that the teams behind LoL’s heroes and Valorant’s agents worked together on Neon and Zeri from the start.