Don’t be surprised by the strange frame in the middle of the screen, this is a new bug in LoL after the update

A strange frame appears in the center of the screen in LoL.

As is sometimes the case with League of Legends, there is a new bug in the game following the latest update. This time it is not as harmful as, for example, Vex ult cooldown reset – you can read about it by clicking here.

Despite this, it can be disturbing for some people, especially as it is able to be displayed in the center of the screen, which distracts the eyes focused on the opponent.

The golden square

As every League of Legends player knows, Riot Games likes to surprise players. However, the surprises are often unpleasant and strange. Just like the golden square of a mythical item that appears randomly on the screen.

After buying a mythic item, there is a good chance that a golden square will appear on the screen in the game, which we will be able to move by grabbing the item and dragging it on the screen.

Its behavior is not entirely predictable. On the one hand, it can disappear when the item is moved to another slot, on the other hand, it can appear at random moments on the screen, a few centimeters from the item, or in another place.

At the moment there is no good solution that will make the square disappear for good. We can try to move the item to a different slot. Sometimes it also disappears after our death, but then we cannot change its place in the inventory, because it will reappear.