A dangerous Vex bug that allows you to reset the ultimate cooldown in LoL

Vex is able to reset her ult cooldown after using it.

League of Legends is a game that has been in development for over 12 years. During this time, the title has acquired over 100 new heroes who do not always work as they should.

This time it turns out that the latest character released some time ago (September 23, 2021) has an interesting bug that allows you to reset its cooldowns. Not after she eliminates her opponent and dies herself.

Vex with a renewed cooldown

Resetting skills in LoL is nothing new. Many heroes have this possibility, such as Graves on his E or Ezreal. Additionally, there is now an item that provides 20% lower CDs per assist or elimination.

There is also Vex, whose special ability works in such a way that if she manages to defeat her opponent, she can use the dash, again and again, but only for a certain period of time. After that, the ult goes on cooldown again and the yordle has to wait.

Only in theory, of course, in practice, there is a way for Vex to get her ultimate back. It is enough that after eliminating one opponent and resetting the skill, he will die, still having one recast.


As we can see in the video from the redditor Mysterious_Ad_4550, he liquidated Veigar, but at that time he was surprised by Evelynn and a moment later he was defeated by her. Once back on the lane, he could dash back to Veigar, although the ult should have been on cooldown. The error was confirmed by one commenter who said that he had already reported it a month ago, but Riot still hasn’t taken care of it.

Such a big bug should be fixed quickly, but surprisingly the developers ignore it, which allows for dishonest plays and winning mid.