Riot Reveals Champion Vote for Rework and Skins Coming to LoL in 2022

Big news appeared online which says that Riot prematurely added some material to its channel.

On January 7, the news coming to LoL will be revealed. Riot planned a video on official channels, as a result of which everyone could see a thumbnail or a VGU preview.

There are currently nearly 160 Champions in League of Legends that have been released over the past 12 years. No wonder that some heroes have become very old and differ graphically and in terms of gameplay from newer characters.

In such situations, the topic of rework appears, i.e. full updates refreshing not only the hero’s model and its dialogue but also the set of skills. Riot often allows players to choose a character to receive a VGU any time soon. These types of polls are well known among the LoL community and many people are certainly happy to hear that a similar vote will also take place this year.

Character VGU votes and the return of a skin series

There is information that a vote will take place soon, during which League of Legends fans will be able to choose a champion to get the full update and decide which series of skins will return to the game.

The rework candidates are as follows:

  • Kog’Maw (released June 24, 2010)
  • Nocturne (released March 15, 2011),
  • Shyvana (released November 1, 2011),
  • Skarner (released August 9, 2011),
  • Tryndamere (released May 1, 2009).

According to the announcement, players will also be able to choose a series of skins to return to the game. Similar votes have taken place in the past and, inter alia, skin lines such as Crime City Nightmare or the new version of Debonair were selected.

Here are the skins categories that will be voted on:

  • Arclight,
  • Gothic,
  • Infernal.

It is worth mentioning that these are preliminary announcements for now and the selected skin series may still be changed.