A fully functional Jinx Pow-Pow from Arcane made by one of the cosplayers

Jinx weapons in the real world? A cosplayer decided to recreate it.

LoL fans often surprise the creators of production with amazingly made outfits, so as to best recreate characters, weapons, or other elements of the fantasy world. League of Legends players are especially creative, often creating even the most difficult cosplays.

This time, one of them decided to make Jinx weapons from the Arcane series. He devoted several dozen hours to work and it turned out to be really good.

Jinx’s Pow-Pow

Creating a simple outfit is not that easy if we do not have the appropriate tailoring skills. If we combine the wig styling and the manufacture of the weapon, it can take hundreds of hours. Especially if we want to do something really amazing.

Now a post by cardboardclanker user appeared on Reddit, which shared Jinx’s PowPow weapon, which taken 90 hours of work and weighs over 3 kilograms.


Additionally, it has rotating barrels, but unfortunately only by hand. Despite this, it looks really good, you can hang it around your neck, and every Loose Cannon fan would certainly envy it.