Zeri in LoL. The name of the new character and 7 new skins leaked, including the Prestige one

One of the Chinese influencers revealed what Riot’s plans are once again.

With these types of leaks, it is worth noting that this information is not confirmed. The source is a Chinese influencer who has correctly pointed out what skins Riot will introduce in the past. Several times, however, he was wrong.

The leak has become viral in the last few hours, mainly due to TikTok. A total of 5 skins were revealed, including one Prestige – you can guess for whom. In addition, there is also the name of the new character – Zeri. Last week, the most popular YouTubers recorded videos about the “guessing game” played by the leaker.

However, the information was very imprecise, so we refrained from publishing it. Today they are not necessarily more credible as they are simply the final versions.

Leak of new skins for LoL

Funnily enough, Riot recently agreed to pay $ 100 million as part of a settlement. You probably remember this case with women in Riot, whose ideas were to be ignored, and the women themselves were reportedly treated with disrespect.

While this is definitely not a laughing matter, people commented on it, mentioning that now Riot will probably be introducing the Prestige Lux skin to take back that $ 100 million. And indeed, Lux appears in the leak.

Next comes the “Porcelain” series

  • Ezreal,
  • Kindred,
  • Zeri – a new character that would be an ADC.

The list also includes:

  • Firecracker Sett,
  • Leona,
  • Arcane Ahri (march),
  • The return of Star Guardian skins.

Is it reliable? The leaker was right before, but as we mentioned, he has published inaccurate information at times. We’ve heard about Zeri before, so maybe it’s an old, unused concept.

As a standard, you should approach it with a distance, it will get more interesting when anything is confirmed here.