Teaser of the 2022 season with LoL: Zeri trailer, the return of Star Guardian skins, High Noon and more

There is a short League of Legends video from Garen’s server. It shows some interesting scenes.

As you know, January 7, 2022, is the start of the new season in League of Legends. The new year is sure to be exciting and Riot has already shown some content that will be available on the servers soon. Every year, the creators present players with new heroes, reworks, returns of old and popular series of skins, as well as completely new lines that have not yet been in the game.

Many players wondered what would be back in 2022 and what would be complete freshness. The new video from the Garen server tells something about this. What is shown in it?

League of Legends season 2022 teaser

A very short cutscene has appeared on Garen’s server, which lasts less than a minute. Nevertheless, it contains a lot of interesting information.

In addition to the presentation of new dragons, items or other novelties that are already known and described in recent days, at some point players may notice a fragment of the animation of Zeri – the newest hero of League of Legends (see: The new character in LoL is Zeri. The leaks have just been confirmed, what does the new heroine look like?)

Additionally, graphics from Star Guardian and High Noon can be seen in later parts of the video, which could mean that these series will return in 2022. There are already a few leaks and fan guesswork about who will be the new Star Guardian this year.

Another interesting fragment is the scene with two heroines presented in the anime style. Many players believe that this is a preview of the continuation of the Battle Bunny theme. The graphics show that Miss Fortune can get a skin with this theme.


The announcement of the new heroine Zeri has already appeared on the official Riot accounts and it looks like this:


As you can see, the 2022 season will bring a lot of attractions. League of Legends players will definitely not be bored. You might expect that the teasers above are just a small part of what Riot is planning. It remains to wait for more information about the new heroine and what skins will be back soon.