The Worlds 2021 winner decided which ADC would get the EDG team skin

Which shooter will receive a skin related to this year’s championship?

There is a tradition in League of Legends about the World Cup taking place around the end of each season. Tournament winners can decide which heroes from their role will receive the skin. This year’s champions – EDward Gaming – have already announced which champions they are considering for team skins.

One of the team members confirmed his choice during his broadcast. It is about Viper, who takes the position of a shooter. Who did the player ultimately choose?

Viper’s choice

Park Do-hyeon aka Viper of EDward Gaming has been a reflecting between Aphelios, Lucian, and Ezreal. His final choice was the first of three champions, which he announced during his stream.

During the broadcast, Viper spoke to the former coach of disbanded Griffin, who asked him who the player ultimately chose to receive the skin.

The player’s interlocutor received this news with great enthusiasm.

It will be only the third skin of this champion, also counting the skin he received at launch. Creating a new look for Aphelios is not a simple task for the developers, as designers must make sure that each of the weapons is easily distinguishable.

Although the hero came to Summoner’s Rift almost two years ago, according to many players, indicating which weapon the hero is holding at a given moment is still not the easiest task.