Summoner’s Rift changes in LoL with the launch of Arcane – themed minions, inhibitors and more

It was shown how Summoner’s Rift will change on the occasion of the release of the animated series from the LoL universe.

It is safe to say that the premiere of Arcane is one of the biggest League of Legends events. Fans have been following all the trailers, leaks and new information from the developers for months. Initially, little was known – players received a mention that the series will focus on the fate of two sisters – Jinx and Vi.

Over time, it was revealed that other heroes will also appear on the screen, including Caitlyn or Jayce, and the plot will tell the fate of the inhabitants of Piltover and its suburban district – Zaun. Each trailer proved that there is something to wait for, because the production will have room for both dynamic and spectacular scenes, as well as those that will make us emotional.

How will the premiere of the series affect the game and what will change in it?

Arcane series and Summoner’s Rift

It has been known for some time that the premiere of Arcane will not be simply broadcasting the first episode on the Internet. On the occasion of this event, the creators have prepared much more attractions. Special themed skins for the main characters of the production have been created, and Caitlyn, one of the characters that will appear on the screen, will even receive a visual rework. In addition, players will be able to get themed emotes, icons or even a ward skin.

And this is not the end of attractions, of course. The creators made sure that absolutely no one missed the latest animated series.

A video entitled “Into the Arcane | Official Event Teaser” has appeared on the official League of Legends channel. You can see how Summoner’s Rift will change to better reflect the atmosphere of Piltover. The attractions include the changed appearance of minions, inhibitors, towers, and even the Nexus itself.

Preseason 2022, an Art & Sustainability Update for The Sheriff of Piltover, the World of RiotX Arcane, and so much more. The celebration’s about to begin, and the only thing missing… is you! Are you ready to dive deeper into the Arcane?


It must be admitted that Riot put a lot of work into the whole event. Skins related to the series, although simple, look really atmospheric. You could read about Caitlyn’s visual rework a few days ago, and fan comments show that it turned out to be really great.

The premiere of the first episode of the Arcane series will take place on Sunday, November 7.