Lulu’s Pix has become a new element of the game that can block skills in LoL

A new bug in preseason that allows you to hook Pix.

Preseason 2022 has just begun, and many players are currently testing new dragons and items. While fans are questioning their balance and believing that Riot has once again ruined the game, that’s what the gap between seasons is for.

An interesting bug has been spotted making a friend of one of the supporters a real part of the game. It’s about Lulu’s Pix, who is now able tank some skills.

Skill blocking Pix

A break between seasons can be quite a mess. Last year, we received a change to virtually all items, and this year new dragons, items, and runes. However, today’s article is not about it, but about Pix, a friend of Lulu, who until now was “an ordinary cosmetic accessory” and now has materialized and is able to block skills.

One of the streamers, who saw for himself how Thresh from the opposing team, instead of Kog’Maw, hit Pix.


Will Riot do something about it? Certainly yes, both for people dealing with balance and bug fixing, the next few weeks will be a real challenge.