The spaghetti code attacks LoL again, this time Shaco oneshoots everyone with his clone

Another dangerous LoL bug, this time with Shaco.

The preseason is currently running in League of Legends, and with each day of testing new things, players find more bugs. They are usually small and insignificant, such as incorrect information about the damage dealt by the item.

However, now there is a so-called “game-breaking bug”, a dangerous one that should never be found on official servers. This time it’s about Shaco’s clone that eliminates all enemies standing nearby.

Dangerous Shaco

Several posts have appeared on Reddit in which players show what is happening with Shaco right now. Although it doesn’t happen in every game, with a little bit of “luck” he can easily win the game.

What is going on? It turns out that the hero, after gaining the Hextech soul, i.e. the Statikk effect, is able to destroy the entire opposing team with only one clone. All because of a bug that constantly uses the soul effect after destroying the clone. It looks like:



As we can see, it doesn’t look that good. Especially if we are on the opposing team. Plus, it happens really often. Therefore, some players are surprised that the developers have not yet turned off the character until it has been fixed.