Only after Ruined King is released do players see how tragic the Sentinels of Light event in LoL was

The community realized that the Sentinels Rising event was even worse than previously thought.

It cannot be denied that this year’s Sentinels of Light event, which was one of the biggest story events in LoL, was not the best. There were many shortcomings, poor dialogue, and poor treatment of some heroes. Gamers have been complaining about a lot of things, saying on the internet that Riot destroyed something very important to the game’s lore. After all, the Ruined King has been talked about for years, so he is not just some minor hero. Any fan of the plot imagined that Viego’s plot would be engaging and suspenseful.

Some time has passed since the event. Some people forgot about Riot’s mishap and focused on the next events or the new animated series Arcane.

On November 16, the long-awaited game Ruined King, published by Riot Forge, premiered (see: Ruined King is now on Steam. Is it any good? How much does it cost?). Some people have already got through it, experiencing almost the entire plot. It turns out that after getting to know the new game, your perspective on Sentinels of Light changes – and it’s much worse. Why?

Ruined King and Sentinels of Light

Although many people were concerned that the new game from Riot Forge would not be a hit, it quickly turned out that the title is really solid. The plot is about a group of heroes from Summoner’s Rift. On the screen, you can meet, among others Miss Fortune, Pyke, Ahri, Illoaoi, or Yasuo.

One player who has spent over a day on Ruined King wrote:

I have 30 hours in the game (no, I did not sleep I was so excited) and am at the final battle of the game. 

The game is fun, combat is very enjoyable with the lane system (even if you’re like me and don’t enjoy turn based combat usually), the characterization is great, plotline is interesting and the dialogue is fun and accurate to the characters. You can’t help but love the game, Bilgewater is alive and even the npcs are well wrote. 

The player praised Ruined King in many ways, and then noted that the plot of the title takes place a day and night before the Sentinels of Light event. Hence – in theory, the Ruined King should be known first to see the finale of the story in League of Legends.

Unfortunately, a well-made and written plot of the game makes a bad event in LoL hurt even more.

I can only imagine how excited the community would have been if the game released before the SoL event. I think the community would have had a lot more hatred for the Sentinels and have a lot of questions. This game is a love letter to League of Legends lore, and I think that if the event had come out after it, and completely spat in the games face there would be a lot more dissatisfaction with the writing for SoL.

It’s worth mentioning that shortly after the Sentinels of Light event ended, many players complained that Riot treated their favorite heroes as if they were colorless puppets. This is what one fan commented on 4 months ago:

Everyone knows about the number of issues that have surfaced in the last few weeks, in the dozens of threads that the developers have touched upon. Character mistakes, poor dialogue, plot holes, contradictions, and the like. Even in the “final” on the newest cinematic it was a complete mess. Where did half of the characters go? What ultimately happened to Pantheon? Where is Vex? Why did Viego surrender so easily? What about the fact we still have an upcoming game that’s about him?

Some people to this day can not forgive the creators of what they did with the plot of Viego. Some say it would be better if the Sentinels of Light event never happened. Such mishaps hurt even more when you see other productions based on lore, such as Arcane. It is said on the Internet that when Riot wants to, it can perfectly present both the heroes and their story. It’s hard to say whether the Sentinels Rise event turned out to be a failure due to the chasing deadlines or something else.

It is a consolation, however, that lore fans can have fun playing Ruined King, and there will be more Riot Forge titles in the coming months, including Role-playing game about Nunu.