Evelynn completely ignores Magic Resist with new items and one-shots tanks in LoL

An incredible case of Evelynn, who is not afraid of Magic Resist.

Currently, League of Legends is in the pause between seasons, and developers are testing a lot of new novelties. Among other things, there are two dragons and a few interesting items, and it is one of them that makes Evelynn able to eliminate the opponent, ignoring his MR.

As one player noticed, when several items are put together, the heroine acts as if her opponent doesn’t even have 200 magic damage defense. How does it work?

Why is this happening?

Probably everyone knows that in addition to Control Wards, MR is a good defense against a demon who wants to eliminate us by surprise. It turns out, however, that this season it does not matter how much of it we have. It was proved by a Reddit user who described a build that allows you to make a minion out of a tank.

Redditor “xXCreezer” noticed that Eve with items such as:

  • Protobelt,
  • Sorcerers,
  • Shadowflame (new item),
  • Void Staff,
  • Mejaia,
  • Rabadon

and her “W” ignores 198.5 MR out of 200. This means that we will have 1.5 MR left, which will not help us at all.

This allows Ornn at level 18 with Frostfire Gaunlet, Force of Nature, Abyssal Mask, and the Conditioning rune to have 220 MR, while Evelynn will leave him only 8.65. Of course, building them is still important, but another point is brought up here. It is about ADC and other roles that cannot afford to build up a large amount of magic resistance.

In this case, they are left with the Maw of Malmortius, but this item is definitely weaker than the other items that offer a unique “Life Line”, which is pointed out by other players.

Maw of Malmortius got a mini rework as a Bruiser/Fighter item and as a counterpart to MR Death’s Dance, with the price discounted to 2,800g. The shield scales with max HP, but is shared with Sterak’s much larger shield, making the Maw look like a joke. For non-HP builders, it’s even worse, as Shieldbow is just much better.

The author adds that playing against magic damage is about building a lot of HP or accepting that we will be eliminated in a split second.

When it comes to stats, an item is the fifth most popular item from the bottom, according to