When will the rank reset take place in a completed ranked season in LoL. Current matches affect MMR?

How does preseason timing affect league of legends ranked matches?

Ranked play and the end of the season are some of the reasons why some LoL players are interested in Riot’s production.

The rank and end-of-season rewards are the motivation for many fans in the Ranked competition, which will begin again shortly after. Each start and end of the season gives many questions, and most of them are answered below.

Information on the end and beginning of the season

One important consideration is when the ranks players achieved in Season 11 will be reset. Players at the start of each season must play placements that re-rank them based on 10 games played. As a result of these matches, it is not possible to get higher than Platinum I, and played matches cannot result in the loss of LP.

Patch 11.23 has introduced a lot of changes to the live servers, which are a foretaste of what League of Legends will look like in the coming season. Players can join the ranked queue at the moment, but earning new tiers will not be rewarded. The rank will likely reset shortly after the release of Update 12.1 to the servers.

The period between the end of the last season and the start of the next season is called preseason. During this time, you will still be able to join a ranked queue, but you will not receive rewards for earning new tiers. However, your MMR level will still change, so do yourself a favor in the future and always play for victory!

We are also making major changes to the gameplay in the preseason – in previous years, we completely reworked the rules for runes, made map changes, and revamped the item system. These changes are subject to pre-season adjustments before we make them permanent at the start of the next regular season. So keep queueing and keep track of changes so you don’t get caught off guard when the regular season starts!

In the aforementioned 12.1 update, the so-called soft reset will take place.

f you participated in Ranked last season, know that all players undergo a ‘soft reset’ at the beginning of each season, so your new rank will likely be about a tier lower than it was at the end of the previous season.

At the moment, it is not known when the patch will be released. Update 11.1, which started the season that is ending now, was released on January 6th, while the ranked season started 2 days later – on January 8th.