For the first time in 9 years, Faker’s biggest rival failed to get into TOP 1. The end of a beautiful streak in LoL

A person who is often compared to Faker did not manage to reach TOP 1 in season 11. It is the end of an era.

Dopa is a very famous League of Legends player. A professional athlete has been excluded from esports due to engaging in unsportsmanlike activities, such as boosting other players.

For this reason, he focused his attention fully on the ranking queue, in which he has been considered one of the best players for many years. The Korean player this season, however, did not achieve what he did not have a problem with in most previous seasons. What are we talking about?

Dopa’s last season

Jeong “Apdo” Sang-gil, better known as Dopa, did not finish first in ranked solo/duo this season. Despite the fact that he did not finish all seasons in this position, from the third season he managed to reach the top of the Challenger at least once in each of them.

The only seasons in which the player was not a challenger were seasons 1 and 2, in which fans say he has likely earned the rank of Diamond and stopped playing.

The player has an impressive 57% win ratio with less than 600 games, which suggests that if he had played more, he would have won first place. Dopa was probably waiting for the very end as he wanted to end this season as the Korean server’s best player. A moment before the conclusion of the 2021 ranked season, the player was in the 8th position in the Challenger, but his efforts to reach first place were ruined when he lost 5 games in a row.

This is the final season for the player – according to the Korean wiki page about the player, he will soon have to do his compulsory military service.

Commenting users admit that this is a sad fact about the player, but point out that he played on the Chinese server much more often. This is because it is not blocked and can stream freely while earning money on it. A ban on Korean servers makes the player go into hiding. The fact that just a few games a day earned him such a high place is no less impressive.

Many commentators also admit that they are curiously awaiting Dopa’s return from military service. They assume that he will likely try to fight in ranked queue again, and it can be really interesting to follow one of the best players after such a break.