What happened to the idea of disabling general chat in LoL? Riot answers what it looks like

Riot won’t limit communication between two teams in the end?

Some time ago, Riot announced its plans for an inter-team chat in League of Legends. The creators decided that it is not necessary for the game, and is another element of the game that can be used by toxic players, and therefore it will be disabled (Riot completely disables general chat in ranked and casual games in LoL. It is official).

The game community felt that this was a really poor way to deal with the problem, and Riot, after checking the results of disabling chat on some servers, decided to hold back on making changes. Does this mean that the developers will back down from their decision to turn off global chat in League of Legends? They announced these plans in the pre-season update 11.23 roster. What exactly could you read there?

Riot on disabling All Chat in LoL

Riot mentioned disabling chat in the list of the upcoming pre-season 11.23 update and announced, among other things, that further fixes will be implemented on a server-by-server basis.

Based on initial results since we originally disabled /all chat in a few regions in patch 11.21, we’re continuing the disable where it’s already in effect but we’re not adding additional regions. From here on out, we’ll message any per-region changes to impacted regions only, unless we’ve got global updates to share. 

This could mean, among other things, that Riot has not achieved what it originally planned by disabling chat in certain regions. Toxicity is a big problem in League of Legends, but restricting all players just because some of them can be aggressive is clearly not the best idea.

Perhaps the creators of LoL will focus on making their system better catch unwanted behavior in the community, which will contribute to more accurate bans and mutes. This could discourage toxic players from writing unsolicited chat messages.