Opposing teams in LoL win and get 3,000 gold. Something went wrong, Riot is asking for help

The community feels that the new reward system is not a good idea. Should the developers change it?

Yesterday, there was a lot of information about the changes that went to the game with patch 11.23. Among the novelties, there were bounties for goals that perhaps say little from their very name. It is about additional gold, which can be obtained, for example, for killing a dragon or destroying towers, if you are a losing team, and the difference in gold and experience between the teams is large enough that getting back into the game from the bottom can be problematic.

In theory, the system itself does not sound bad and the fact that one of the teams has a chance to get back on its feet is needed in this type of game. Nobody likes to get stuck in a one-sided match, especially if you are on the worse side.

Unfortunately, it turns out that the system, although interesting in theory, turned out to be full of flaws in practice. Gamers are complaining and asking Riot to fine-tune the rewards or remove them altogether. Why?

Problems with objective bounties in LoL

The patch notes read that:

Objective Bounties are another way for losing teams to get back into the game, in addition to Champion Bounties. They grant extra gold rewards for taking objectives when a team is far behind, and are designed to be hard to claim—but not impossible! We still want the winning team’s leads to matter, so losing teams will have to capture multiple objectives in order to cash out, because a single bounty won’t pay out very much. 

It would seem that the described system is really well thought out and it will be difficult to find any flaws in it. However, it turned out that rewards appear too early, which irritates players. One of them wrote:

Objective bounties feel like a mistake

We were way behind in the early game (late game team vs early game characters) and catching up in the mid-game. Even though we had about 1 or 2 kills more than our opponents, they still got free gold as the losing team, which was terribly irritating. We won after all.

Other times, we were leading most of the game, but the advantage was slight. The problem arose again: the opponents got a ton of free gold as target rewards and ultimately won because our jungler got pissed and went afk.

Another player sent a screen of the lost match. He noted that the blue team won because they had access to additional gold (as a reward for bounties) early in the game, which made them gain an advantage quickly.

One of the Rioters replied to the message, informing that the system did have some flaws.

Hi folks,

We’re currently monitoring objective bounties turning on slightly too early (when teams don’t feel behind enough to warrant getting a bounty).

Rioter asked the community to report any games where additional gold was being awarded unnecessarily. Thanks to player feedback, the creators will be able to fine-tune the system and rework it in such a way that it is no longer unfair.

As you can see, the developers are aware that their new system is not perfect. Many of the new features are not working well in the first few days after launch, and Riot will likely be working on everything to ensure that the extra gold is awarded fairly.