AP Zeri from LoL in certain situations can be unstoppable. Quadra in a second

Why should you try AP Zeri? This clip shows that it can be really fun.

Zeri is the newest hero in League of Legends. Many players were waiting for her release as Riot announced that it would not be a typical ADC. It quickly turned out that the new character can be really fun (and irritating to the opposing team), and fans can experiment with her build.

One of the players decided to prove that Zeri for AP is really strong. His video of action in the middle went viral in no time. What exactly happened?

“AP Zeri is cool”

A player with the nickname alexveliki shared with the League of Legends community a video showing Zeri built for the ability power. Perhaps not everyone is aware that the heroine has high conversion rates for AP. The author of the recording said that it would be worth checking how much damage this character will deal. For starters, it’s worth taking a look at her skills:

How does AP Zeri work in practice? It’s best shown on the recording. The mentioned player has published a short video, which, in just 22 seconds, proves that it is worth trying the newest heroine built for AP at least once.


As you can see, the newest character surprised the opposing team. In the blink of an eye, she defeated three enemies, and the fourth quickly joined the rest. In this way, after a while from entering the middle line, Zeri gained a quadra kill.

Of course, you cannot ignore the fact that the red team was leading in kills, gold and had 3 Infernal Dragons. The opponents also had a small amount of health from the previous fight, which made it easier to get multi-kills. Nevertheless, many people are encouraged to try the newest AP champion, because such a build can bring a lot of satisfaction.

Probably, there will be more clips in the near future that will show what Zeri is capable of. The community is still discovering its possibilities and testing more and more interesting combinations of items.