This girl discovers a new fear at the gym. After the mishap, others had to help her

There are quite a few things that can go wrong at the gym, but this one is really special.

Most of the weird action at gyms happens in the cardio areas. People sometimes do really strange exercises there, although in this case, it was about climbing a rope, so a fairly standard exercise.

From the looks of it, there’s basically nothing that could go wrong here. Well, unless you’re talking about some kind of injury, while one of the girls who was exercising didn’t suffer any, and as she wrote herself on TT, she discovered a new fear.

A rather unexpected twist

At first, everything goes well, the girl climbs up the rope and even catches herself on the structure to which the rope is attached, and at this point, something happens that already requires the help of other exercisers.


How to get out of it? You could try to do something by going down that metal part next to it. By the way, has anyone noticed the exercise the guy in the background is doing? It looks quite… peculiar.