Chelsea star criticized for laughing at a man at the gym

One Chelsea player has been incredibly criticized after he posted some footage of a man exercising on social media.

One popular soccer player was heavily criticized on social media after he “laughed” at a man exercising. This was weak, as it was about an elderly man who was not necessarily even aware that he had a problem.

This was criticized by one of the popular TikTokers, with more than 7 million followers. The Chelsea star has been contributing a lot to social media lately, and as you can see, it doesn’t necessarily work out in the player’s favor.

Mykhailo Mudryk criticized for his behavior

Mykhailo Mudryk posted various things on Instagram. He made references to Minecraft or to CS: GO. Eventually, he also posted a video from the gym, which clearly people didn’t like.

Every exerciser has at some point seen someone whose shirt or pants have rolled up somewhere. The footballer decided to record it and publish it. And this was naturally met with a very negative reception.


Rather, it would have passed without much interest, if it weren’t for the fact that this is about a popular person who didn’t so much record something and upload it to be received by a narrow circle of friends, but simply posted it on a very reachable Instagram. The man remained anonymous because you can’t see his face, but still, everyone judged it to be poor behavior.