Twitch streamer continues to circumvent regulations with more “games” by the pool

Simple, brilliant, it works and Twitch can’t do anything about it. At least with the platform’s current rules and regulations.

The solution is incredibly well thought out, simple, and works. Streamers, in theory, simply play all sorts of games for themselves. And that in the process they show more than they should, that’s another matter. In fact, Twitch could find grounds for banning here, because in many shots you can’t see the pool.

I.e. the streamers are playing once outside, once in the pool. Supposedly it’s a “pool party,” but during the entire, several-hour-long stream there was more going on indoors than by the pool.

Ban or no ban

It’s up to the moderation to judge whether such posing is accidental. Seemingly everyone would do the same thing, in theory, there is a pool in the background, but should it be on TTV?


A game of cups, a game of checkers outdoors – all of this is seemingly correct, in accordance with Twitch’s rules, and yet gets a huge audience. Here, several thousand people watched checkers.


The question is, would anyone watch it if the same streamers did the same thing fully clothed?


The platform basically has no way to respond. It also has no basis, so this kind of activity is bound to increase. Especially during the summer.