Former FC Barcelona football player banned on Twitch. At the time of the ban, several thousand people were watching him

The Manchester City star and former Barcelona player has been banned from Twitch. The reason? Well, it’s not so obvious.

No one should be surprised by the fact that many football players appear on Twitch. Sometimes you can meet Neymar here, for example. This time, however, it was not he who was banned. Many people will probably hear about it for the first time, but the former football player of the biggest clubs was very popular on TTV.

Several thousand people watching is a really good result for someone who is however already in his old age. The ex-footballer was busy playing FIFA, but also watching football and various matches.

Sergio Aguero banned from Twitch

Sergio Aguero, whom most people will primarily associate with Manchester City and then Barcelona, has been banned from Twitch. Aguero finished his career in 2021 and has been seen on Twitch ever since.

The reason for the ban? Officially unknown, while everything for the time being indicates that Twitch is concerned with a broadcast without the corresponding rights. I.e. there must have been something there that had some kind of broadcast rights for a particular entity. Maybe a fragment of a match, maybe a commentary – it’s hard to tell exactly.