The streamer “forgot” the most important part of her clothing. And she sat like this

One streamer caused a lot of excitement after she forgot something really important with her dress.

On the surface, this stream stood out for absolutely nothing. A woman sits, with the standard pool behind her – pretty normal sight. She talks to the audience and plays with her dog at the same time. A short stream with not much going on.

However, people quickly noticed that something was wrong. The streamer, sitting in certain positions, was showing something that is against the rules on Twitch.

Something is

At first, viewers thought it was some kind of mistake, but as time went on it became clear that it wasn’t. The broadcast lasted about an hour, so quite a short time, but quickly the web was overrun with clips. Why? Well, the stream was missing one very important thing.

To see this, you don’t even have to be some incredibly observant person. In the first clip, one could still argue – CLICK, but the second rather dispels any doubts that indeed the streamer doesn’t necessarily have everything she should – CLICK.

Now the question is, was it done on purpose or not? Rather, everyone is leaning towards the version that the girl knew what she was doing. Especially looking at her Instagram, where she swarms with ambiguous photos. There is also no chance that she would take certain poses without being aware of a certain “problem”.