The streamer got carried away while singing and panicked when she realized

You might not have heard of these types of transmissions, but yes, they happen and are some of the more creative ones.

This is one broadcast that is generally very interesting. The audience chooses a theme, and the streamer starts singing. There are several cameras, which the girl controls – everything looks really cool and is done rather tastefully.

This does not mean that even during such streams there are no mishaps.

When you get into it too much

The streamer was given a topic that is already quite risky in itself, namely “the desire for a brother’s friend.” She began to sing, pushing the boundary a little further with each passing moment.

My brother’s best friend is the best for me

My brother’s best friend, I want to make love to him

Then she drops a bar that is too difficult to explain:

S*x with my brother

Her reaction to this was priceless once she realized exactly what she was singing.


It happens. There will be no repercussions from this because there are no grounds for it either. Sure, it went a bit too far, but oh well. No one will ban anyone for this.