The streamer thought Twitch was a different kind of platform, so she went kind of hard

Some girls are really convinced that Twitch is a platform where you can do anything. Then there are the results of this.

Some streamers for some reason, probably generally through a lack of sufficient knowledge of what Twitch is, treat this platform completely differently from everyone else. It is known that TTV has certain rules that must be followed.

The only exception to this is pool streams, which are still a clever circumvention of the rules, which Twitch allows. However, there are girls who push the boundary too far.

No holding back on Twitch

The result of this is that one girl, in order to gain viewers, decided to show everything she has to offer. Interestingly, she was banned for this, but Twitch has already unblocked her. So, as you can see, it is possible to make a lot of noise, suffer little consequences and return to streaming already with a certain number of viewers.

You can see that this particular broadcast was conducted in the simplest possible way, that is, with a basic overlay. And that’s how it worked.

The video is too bold to be posted, but for a friend, the link is here – CLICK. It all ended with a ban, but that was probably the point too. You can see that the streamer wants to make a name for herself in some way. Her Instagram is followed by about 3,000 people and the number is not increasing.

Generally, her social profiles were directed more toward travel, but apparently, something has changed. As for stream viewership, it jumped from a few people to several hundred. Then came the ban and there has been no return since.