Twitch streamer spent more than $15,000 to use it once in a lifetime

One of the popular Twitch streamers spent $15,000 on a certain costume.

Kai Cenat is one of the absolute most popular streamers in the world. Such 15 thousand is nothing to him, while it is still amusing that the streamer actually spent 15 thousand dollars on something he will probably use once in his life.

Dressing in an outfit that cost 15 thousand was a real ordeal. But Kai Cenat managed it. Just look at how many pieces it has:

Kai Cenat and the Iron Man outfit for $15,000

The whole outfit has several bonuses, which, of course, affect its overall value. The biggest tidbit that the streamer wanted to do was to automatically put on and take off the front part of the “helmet.”


And after a few minutes, everything started to break down. The outfit has voice control, but it doesn’t work too much, i.e. it worked for the first few moments. Then it caused frustration.


$15,000 is a lot for something you’ll wear once, well maybe twice in a lifetime, but who can forbid a rich man? After all, it’s only money.

Anyway, the clips starring Kai Cenat gathered huge popularity. Especially since the streamer is expected to take part in some rather high-profile films, so who knows…