This reason for being banned from Twitch is just unusual. He drifted away after eating a certain dish

Twitch has decided to ban one of its popular streamers for eating something with weed and drifting off.

Kai Cenat is one of the most popular Twitch streamers at the moment. Recently, he had an adventure with food that had some substances in it. Everyone can guess what this is about, while in most countries, it is illegal.

The streamer initially felt normal and was in a good mood, only to simply drift off at one point. The clip from that moment became viral, of course, and after several hours Twitch decided to ban the streamer.

Ban for drifting away on the stream

Naturally, Twitch has not commented on this, but the ban is probably for this whole situation. Nothing else happened on the stream.


Twitch had grounds for banning, although naturally, the suspension stirs up great emotions. This is actually one of the most popular issues that the TTV community lives by.