The types of people no one likes at the gym. “I ran a gym for five years.”

There are people in the gyms who simply annoy others. Everyone knows these examples.

Everyone knows people who, for example, don’t put weights away, leave dumbbells somewhere in random places or forget their towels, or water. One person who has been running the gym for 5 years pointed out other behaviors that supposedly annoy others.

Funnily enough, there is one example that may not be annoying, but as we hear, these people are just somehow internally distrusted.

People at the gym who do not inspire sympathy

The number one person mentioned in the source material is everyone who performs shoulder raises while standing right in front of the weights – ideally covering everything up, because they are, after all, the most important at that moment. There are cases where someone stands in front of everyone else, obscuring them, of course.

Number two, which is not strange, is bringing plastic cups with you. Yes, some people get the idea of adding water to it later.

The last thing is people with kettles. They are simply supposed to be annoying. That’s quite a surprise, although it’s probably a matter of convincing everyone around that it’s a super-optimal exercise.

TikTok with these conclusions has nearly 800,000 views, and people in the comments generally agree with it, so there must be something in it.

TOP 1 will always be occupied by people who forget about the weights, don’t put them in the right place, and just go away.