A mishap in the gym during a Twitch stream. Good thing it only ended in a scare

Everyone probably knows that belaying is the basis for some exercises. Well, here it was a bit lacking.

Lately, there’s been a whole bunch of different kinds of IRL streams. Sometimes the streamers go to the slopes to ski, other times they just go out on the town without much of a plan. Some also stream their workouts at gyms.

Recently, one of the most popular influencers on Twitch – Mizkif – showed his workout. It turned out that one of the exercises gave him more excitement than usual.

A dangerous mishap at the gym

Mizkif demonstrated the bench press – seemingly nothing amazing, a standard exercise that every exerciser has done at least once. The key here is belaying, especially with heavier weights.


It’s a good thing it only ended in fear. You can see how the whole barbell just falls out of the streamer’s hands. Fortunately, there was no injury here, and it only looked very unsafe.