Things that everyone does at the gym, but no one talks about. No, you are not alone

There are some things that literally everyone does at the gym. However, no one ever talks about it.

Specific exercises or entire training plans look slightly different for everyone. However, there are things that everyone does the same, and even regardless of gender. Everyone uses their phones between breaks unless they are listening to some podcasts.

The masses of people in general turn on their phones just to look at their icons for the umpteenth time or use a calculator, because it’s stupid to sit like that and stare at the wall. What else is everyone doing?

Everyone does it, but no one says it

Of such the most popular things that everyone either does or at least has seen in others are, for example, waving their heads, vibing to the music when it is not playing at all – the worst when there is also silence in the hall in general.

The now classic 360-degree rotation after each exercise. Yes, just to move. Especially when there is a mass of people around, you have to do it in a fairly small space.

A sudden turnaround when you notice that someone has just occupied the machine you were walking towards. This is also a classic, with some people either turning around in a strangely unnatural way or moving on, pretending that this was their intention all along.

Correcting the shirt after each series is also mandatory. It’s hard to imagine not doing it.

There is a whole bunch of this kind of stuff, and one could go on and on.