What can you see when traveling with a free camera? Forza and its community can surprise you

Sometimes players, instead of simply traveling around the world, travel through it with a free camera.

The free camera in Forza Horizon is a really great feature that allows you to create amazing videos of the game. Sometimes, however, it is used in a completely different way, to watch what other players are doing.

One of the Reddit users accidentally caught two players who decided to do something unusual and drift with vehicles that are not associated with drifting.

Two drifting vans

“Parachute-Man” sometimes, instead of racing, is watching what other players are doing. Sometimes you can stumble on something unusual. In this case, there were two vans that drifted in apparent cooperation.


Free Camera Mode is very easy to turn on. To do this, pause the game and go to the menu, then search in the lower left corner for “drone mode”. It is also worth adding that the player can see the shadow of his drone, but other participants of the game will not be able to notice it.