You won’t guess what the trees of reality create together All Fortnite players know this shape perfectly well

Players have a very bold theory about the reality trees and what Epic wants to achieve with them.

First, it should be noted that due to the recent lack of new products and the vacation period, players have focused mainly on theories. Some are better, some are a bit worse. You have to approach every one of them with a pinch of salt.

One of the theories stands out from the others in terms of popularity. Mainly because it’s quite exciting. Epic, with trees of reality, refers to a known shape.

What do trees make?

The player with the nickname “zaqstavano” shows that the trees will probably form the shape of a cube.

Of course, this is not confirmed, but if Epic were actually forming the cube again, it would be quite a surprise. Revisiting the same theme can now be as successful as it can be a failure.

Many people are just fed up with going back to the cube and the same theme over and over again. People actually expect developers to come up with something new and maybe it won’t necessarily be aliens or Seven, but some leitmotif like the Wild West.