Yesterday’s Fortnite update dubbed the most boring summer update ever

Yesterday, according to information provided by leakers, alien ships were to return to Fortnite. However, this did not happen.

If you missed it completely, yes – Fortnite rolled out a new update yesterday that withdrew two items and brought back one fairly old one. These are not breakthrough changes, so the update quickly got the name of one of the worst.

In fact, the patch was so small that it was pointless to mention it. Interestingly, Epic did not decide to restore the UFO, although in theory, everything was ready.

What changed?

Before we get to the items, the in-game lobby has changed:

Thus, it can be said that this is the end of the event. Among other things, the shock grenade has been withdrawn from the items – this is related to the bug that we wrote about a few days ago. The flare has also been moved to the vault:

Additional changes:

Only that. Developers have not decided to introduce anything more interesting.