How to get a free glider, backpack and more for Fortnite? New challenges in a moment

Probably today new challenges will come to Fortnite, as part of which you will be able to get a few free items.

Fortnite has once again “partnered” with Rocket League. Both titles belong to Epic, so it’s more of a promotional campaign. In any case, you can claim your Fortnite rewards for completing a few challenges in Rocket League.

The challenges aren’t that hard, although it will take a while to complete them. Rocket League is free, so if you want free, quite unique cosmetic items, it’s worth your attention.

Free Fortnite items

There are a few things to get. The most interesting thing is, of course, the glider and the backpack.

Graffiti is hardly anything special. The presentation of these items in the game is as follows:


The update may restore UFOs, or maybe introducing something else? These challenges should also appear today, but this is unconfirmed information.