Fright and Delight event in Fortnite. Epic is slowly getting ready for the Fortnitemares, the Halloween event

Epic has released the official information regarding the preparations for Halloween.

Epic has made an official announcement regarding Halloween. The developers want players to design their maps, which will then be featured by Epic. The message itself shows that the Fortnite creators want to move away a bit from scary climates and introduce a looser atmosphere.

Along with the announcement, such a graphic was also added – you might think this is an unreleased skin, but no – this is just one version of Drift, slightly changed by lighting.

Custom maps for Halloween

Epic has added a lot of tips, but if you don’t create your own maps, it probably won’t be useful to you. Normal players only need to know that developers are slowly getting ready for the second half of the year.


  • Many new players arrive each year  for Fortnitemares. Help lure them to your islands by making sure your island is clear and understandable for new players to really sink their fangs into!

  • Old scares just don’t scare like they used to, so be sure to make use of the new devices and mechanics added in 2022. Deliver jumpy haunted houses with the Prop Manipulator, create terrifying caves with the Level Instance device, and encourage your visitors to spring, slide, and mantle over obstacles to get away from all the scary monsters and other creative creatures you can come up with.

  • Be creative with Eliminations. Have your players fall victim to zombies, get lost in a maze during a storm, and meet their demise in other creative ways. Games don’t have to be about eliminations, but bring that tension and drama to your island! 

  • Bring the scary energy to your island however you can, but feel free to bring your own spin on Fortnitemares! Zombie Dance Party, Haunted Houses, and Creepy Corn Mazes are always fun, but evolve and remix them for your personal vision of a Fortnitemare! Be unique with your content, and design for the best chance to be featured!

Now we just have to wait for what the future holds. Don’t expect Epic to suddenly release new Halloween skins etc. Rather, this is just an introduction.