Epic will introduce a monster to Fortnite that will be able to summon the dead

According to the latest leaks, Epic will want to introduce a new type of monster to Fortnite.

These leaks probably do not apply to Fortnite season 3, but already 4. This is the best Halloween theme, and there is still a lot of time for it to be introduced. In any case, according to currently available information, a new type of monster will be introduced to the game.

This one is supposed to possess a unique ability that is described as:

Rise and summon creatures

How to understand this?

According to leakers, this is about creating an army of the undead, i.e. simply Zombies. It is possible that it is about eliminated players.

This is a very interesting approach that can come true. Unfortunately, details are unknown. Certainly this is a new type of character, something like this has never been seen in Fortnite, although the topic of the undead has been raised several times due to various mechanics.