Will the season 8 in Fortnite be shortened? Epic removed the last update, marked as 18.50

Epic did something very strange during Update 18.20. What is going on?

So far, the schedule for the current Fortnite Season 8 has been clear and understandable. Updates were to take place on standard dates, i.e. every two weeks. These were marked as follows:

  • 18.00,
  • 18.10,
  • 18.20,
  • 18.30 – Fortnitemares,
  • 18.40,
  • 18.50,
  • 19.00.

It turns out, however, that for some reason, Update 18.50, which was supposed to be the last release this season, was removed. Its date was expected to be around November 23.

Will the season be shorter?

On October 12, leakers announced that Epic had for some reason removed the 18.50 update, simultaneously adding version 19.00 (with the new season) and, even weirder, also introducing 20.00.

Why? Unfortunately, it is not known even after these two days. Information has not been developed so we can only theorize about it. These are basically three:

  • Epic has removed the update for internal reasons and it will be rolled back.
  • The studio wants to shorten the 8th season.
  • The length of the season will be normal, but Update 18.50 will not be released.

It is difficult to conclude anything at this point, but Epic’s behavior on this topic is definitely very unusual.