This skin will be available in Fortnite for free for everyone. How to pick it up with other items?

According to leaks, another free item is coming to Fortnite, this time in the form of a skin.

The last update, marked as 18.20, brought a lot of interesting information, which is only now taking shape. Already on Tuesday, many people wrote about the free skin, now we know the specific details.

It turns out that there will actually be a skin in the game that can be unlocked for free. However, this has nothing to do with Halloween, as many people thought. Epic is about to expand its friend finder program.

Free skin and other items

There used to be a similar program where it was about “restarting a friend”. Now, leakers confirm the information from a few weeks ago that a free skin will appear in the game as part of the recruiting friends’ campaign.

The rules have not yet been disclosed, while HYPEX has confirmed on its Twitter that the following will be available to redeem:

  • Graffiti,
  • Emoji,
  • Banner,
  • Loading screen,
  • Skin.

The skin is to be “Rainbow Racer”. It is not known when this will start, but the possible time is just Season 8, so not very accurate.

You can guess that it will be about finding completely new players, not “restarting” those who have played Fortnite before. This, however, has not yet been confirmed in any way.