Epic wants to make a Fortnite movie. Why is the information about it causing laughter in the industry?

Information about the Fortnite movie has actually been appearing for years. Now, apparently, the plans have significantly accelerated and specific people ready to implement such an undertaking have already been recruited.

The story of Fortnite is so twisted that hardly anyone knows all possible threads. Of course, everyone knows about the loop, about agents, but it would be really difficult to combine it all into one logical whole.

Yet something like this can happen. According to the latest leaks, Epic is in the process of creating its own Fortnite movie. Apparently, this is caused directly by a dispute with Apple and Google, developers want to quickly expand their activities and raise additional funds.

Fortnite movie once again

Everyone heard about the Fortnite movie a few years ago. Back then, nothing like that happened, and people laughed more at the concept than took it seriously. Now it is the same with the rest.

According to “theinformation”, the film would be a way to expand the business. Reactions? For example, Kotaku, one of the largest gaming sites, writes in its headline:

Much hasn’t changed over the past few years, and it probably won’t change until this movie comes out. People react more with laughter, there are also comments that it is simply too late for the film.

So far, relatively little is known about this. Sources reported that Epic hired several people from Lucasfilm and specific activities began.

It’s hard to say if it will be a movie showing in cinemas or as some sort of an experience inside Fortnite itself. And above all, what will it be about – the plot of the game, or maybe a story of, for example, Midas, the Queen, or Fishstick?