Fortnite secret map changes after Update 18.20. Return of one of the spots

The map changes after the last update aren’t amazing, but something has definitely changed.

Epic made everyone used to the fact that big changes to specific locations are not very common. Now either the changes are to biomes, cubes, or very small things that most players won’t notice at all. How is it after update 18.20?

Certainly the most important change is the golden cube that reached its final position and rose above the island.


What else has changed?

“Grotto” is definitely worth mentioning. The water level has decreased again, which may suggest that it was indeed not a visual glitch, and Epic will want to restore this location at some point in this season.

Quietly, but nevertheless, the topic of gnomes also develops and they move around cyclically. Now they are getting ready to visit the island.

There are also a few minor changes to the locations themselves that have no impact on gameplay and that can really be secret. Who would normally notice mushrooms growing?

The thread of the chair is also dragging on, which is already quite big at this point.

The changes are very cosmetic, aimed at people who like searching for even the smallest changes. The cube that will drive the plot seems to be the most important.