Free glider, pickaxe, wrap and more in the upcoming Fortnitemares event

Leakers are showing the next four items that will be available for free as part of the upcoming Fortnite event.

The Fortnitemares event will start at the end of this month. It is virtually certain that the game will feature special challenges, in which the prizes will be free items. Yesterday we announced that one of the prizes is to be this backpack:

Now there are four more things to get.

What else will be for free?

There are four items in total:

  • Glider,
  • Wrap,
  • Falling effect,
  • Pickaxe.

The most interesting of all the prizes seem to be the glider, which initially has the shape of a cube. It changes only during the flight.


Items that can be obtained for free usually do not surprise. This time Epic did their best, of course, if these leaks are confirmed.

But everything points to it, because information about it is provided by even the largest leakers.