This backpack is to be a free item for Halloween 2021 in Fortnite. New challenges

It looks like players know the first prize that will appear in the upcoming Fortnite event.

There is no doubt that during the Fortnitemares there will be special challenges in which you will be able to get free items. At the moment, there are no major details, but the leakers are sure that there will be several cosmetics to obtain.

The first is to be a backpack – Not much in theory, but Epic is just starting to add all the items needed for a proper Halloween. So far, we have a kind of an initial stage of it in the game.

Free Halloween items

It is not really known yet whether the backpack will be available as part of the challenges or it will be up for grabs just for logging in. In any case, leakers are saying outright that Thinking Juice is going to be part of the Fortnitemares rewards.

Is there anything special about this backpack? Yes and no, because it has several “faces”.

It is not known when the backpack will be available, but you can guess that it will come with the Halloween event release, so we should rather aim for the end of this month.